Vera has many other names such as Aloe, Long Tu … Aloe tree trunk contains a large amount of water, including nutrients such as A, C, E, B1 and many minerals like calcium, sodium, Zinc … In addition, this plant is also used as a medicine in the field of cosmetic chemistry.


1. The use of Vera in beauty – Skin care
The mucus in the gel (the meat part) of aloe vera is able to wet, moisturize the skin, making it more elastic and wrinkle-free.
Their gel also works to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, helping to prevent skin damage when aging. In the process of skin care, this gel works to pore, reduce acne effectively.
In folklore, aloe vera is a very effective natural skin remedy. When applying a layer of gel to the skin, burns, blisters, insect bites and rashes will quickly recover.
If you have to be constantly exposed to the sun, the skin will become burning and uncomfortable. Just a little aloe vera will help you quickly regain the cool feeling for your skin.

– Soothe cool skin: First, it is impossible not to mention the coolness and heat of aloe vera plant. Because of this characteristic, many gentlemen have used it as a gel and cream to reduce the burning sensation after each shaving.

– Skin regeneration: Instead of using expensive cosmetics, want to “own” a naturally soft and pinkish skin, use aloe vera as a kind of medicine for women.

Apply aloe vera to your face and wash it after a few minutes, do it every day and feel the difference. Besides, drinking aloe vera juice also brings the desired effect. And I would like to add that aloe vera is a “herbal cosmetics” that does not cause skin irritation.

– Goodbye wrinkles: Aloe vera is the remedy for wrinkles. Taking aloe vera on face, aloe vera will quickly penetrate and penetrate deep into the “corner” in the skin. Increases moisture, gives tension to the skin, carries away dead cells and regenerates new cells.

– For chapped lips: The dry season is approaching, your sexy lips are “coping” with the dangers caused by dry weather. Do not worry and be confused, use aloe vera on lips to “find” the red lips as strawberry.

– Acne treatment: Aloe vera is capable of destroying acne and dead cells, narrowing pores and giving you a firm skin. Use aloe vera right on acne spots when it is discovered, to inhibit the development process.

– For the sun: Scientific evidence has shown that aloe vera has the ability to “protect” you, especially your sensitive skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays under the sun. UVA and UVB (UVA and UVB are extremely toxic ultraviolet rays, high exposure can cause skin cancer).

– Fix eye dryness: Effective to prevent dry eyes, due to many hours of exposure to the sun and exposure to intense computers. Simply, take the pulp of the aloe vera plant to cover your eyes within minutes.

– Recovering damaged hair: Because the use of many chemicals will make your hair become hard, rough and appear dandruff, to find the “vitality” for the hair, you follow the way The following:

Mix aloe vera with fresh milk and apply it to your hair about half an hour before taking a bath. Be persistent and feel the unexpected effect.

– Acne treatment with Aloe Vera

Every day, use 200g of freshly washed Aloe Vera leaves, cut two sides of thorns, use stainless steel knife to cut on many square leaves with small flags and cut them apart, add 50g of sand sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, crushed ice … to eat.

Or use 500 ml of Aloe Vera juice, 200 ml of honey to mix, and put it in the refrigerator for use gradually. Take 3 times a day, 3 tablespoons each time before meals.

Or remove the rice water to settle, remove the clear water above (the amount you use during the day), use a scoop to scrape the viscous plastic inside the aloe vera leaf (equal to the amount of rice water).

Mix two things evenly. In the evening before going to bed, wipe your face clean, then apply the solution on your face, apply it evenly, so that it will be bright, wash with warm water.

2. Vera’s uses in medicine and health

Anti eye strain

If your eyes are tired, have dark circles, eyelids, use aloe vera to treat. Very simple, use a branch of aloe vera, peel off the green skin and apply the meat on your eyes, lie down and relax for 15 minutes.

Fluid in the leaves of aloe vera works to make the eyes cool and pleasant. After a while, the area around the eyes will decrease. You should use this gel every night before going to bed to prevent fatigue in the eye area.

Antibacterial effect

Recent studies have proven that Aloe vera gel is antiseptic and anesthetic. Used to disinfect, heat, and urinate. Soothes wounds when mild burns, when stinging insects or skin are hardened when tanned.

Aloe vera gel also works to increase microcirculation (helps peripheral blood flow well). The emulsion is made from Aloe vera to be used to make eczema medicines or blemishes, to quickly pull young skin from the wound. Fresh juices Aloe vera has antibacterial properties of tuberculosis (in vitro).

Lottery and laxative effects

Ancient times. From Hypocrate to Hai Thuong Lan Ong has known the laxative characteristics, leap of liver, and the sutra of the Aloe

– Low dose: 20-50mg Dry Aloe resin has bitterness, spleen and liver laxative.

– Medium dose: 100mg (3-5 fresh leaves): Antiseptic intestine, menstruation, laxative, lottery.

– High dose: 200-500mg (10-20 leaves): strong drop.

In France, there are a few dozen different drugs that have a laxative effect, a lottery that contains Aloès.

The wonderful effects of Aloe Vera in the disease

– Treat stomach ulcers: Drink fresh gel of Aloe vera leaves. Every few hours, taking a tablespoon of fresh gel without stomach will heal the stomach ulcer (not more than 400mg of fresh gel / day).

– Treating skin diseases: Fluids of fresh Aloe Vera are effective in skin tightening, minimizing pores. Apply fresh gel daily to your face to prevent melasma, smooth skin, prevent acne …

– Prevention of urolithiasis: Anthraquinones will combine Calcium ions in the urinary tract into soluble compounds to expel them in urine.

– In food: Aloe Vera leaves are eaten fresh with sugar or cooked tea. There are places where leaves are used to cook soup. In addition, Aloe vera gel is also used as a coagulant for many dishes.

– In cosmetics: Due to the above miraculous characteristics. Pharmacists thought of cosmetics made from Aloe vera gel to create skin creams, because the pH of Aloe vera gel is close to the pH of the skin so they make skin fresh and fresh. harmonize the acidity of the skin.

Currently on the market, many cosmetic companies have taken the name Aloe vera right away as a trade name for sunscreens, skin care, shampoos, deodorant oils, anti-mold and soap-effective substances. , shaving oil …

Not only make cosmetics, Aloe vera plant also contributes a significant part in the field of … art. Between thousands of blooming flowers. Tree full of vigorous vigor, staggering looking like a “Sword of Lost in the forest of flowers”.

– “Treating” the unusual “sanity”: “Nguyet san” is a common disease and causes many problems for women. To fix it is not difficult, boil aloe vera juice and add a little sugar to form syrup juice. Drink this water about a week before the “monthly” period to improve the situation.

– Bruises, scratches: Studies have shown that aloe vera contains antiseptic. Therefore, aloe vera is highly effective in preventing infections caused by open wounds.

– For burns: For minor burns at level 1, 2. Quickly remove aloe vera and apply to the burn to avoid swelling and redness.

– Anti-obesity: In addition to the above benefits, aloe vera also has a special effect in weight loss. Scientists have shown that Aloe vera contains Aloin, which is very effective in losing weight.

Therefore, if you want to “campaign” to lose weight effectively, do not forget to add Aloe juice to your menu.

– Cervical cirrhosis: Take a handful of Aloe Vera tree to remove the spiny part of the leaves, half a liter of pure honey. All are put into a smoothie, take water 1 time 3 times (15 minutes before a meal), each time drink about 20 ml (1 tablespoon).

Persistent drinking for several months will be relieved or completely cured. Note there is no more alcohol for people with liver disease.

– Diabetes and high blood pressure

+ The first way: Take a handful of Aloe Vera leaves to peel off the leaves with two sides of leaves, boil to cool. All put in a blender machine, take water 1 time 3 times a day (15 minutes before a meal). Each use about 1 tablespoon.

+ The second way: Take a handful of boiled Aloe Vera leaves to cool. Drink water and eat cooked leaves, 1 time 3 times (15 minutes before meals). Each use about 1 tablespoon.

+ The third way: Every day take 1 or 2 Aloe Vera leaves peeled, eat raw. Eating 3 times a day for many months will have positive results.

People with blood pressure who do not have diabetes can eat with pure sugar or rock sugar. People with diabetes but high blood pressure eat with salt.

3. Other effects of the Vera

– In cuisine: the transparent meat of aloe vera has high nutritional value. When cooking tea or soup, aloe vera works to cool the liver, laxative and enhance vitality.

– In addition, if mixing a bit of aloe vera in smoothie or lemon juice, it will have a good effect in detoxifying, decomposing, reducing insomnia, arthritis, asthma, and reducing the amount of sugar in body.

– Aloe vera also works to cure shingles, a viral disease.
Some notes help you use them best:

– Only use the transparent meat inside the aloe vera leaf, cut thinly on the skin surface.

– You can also use the egg white to put in a clean bowl, hit the foam, add 5-10 drops of aloe vera into the beaten and then use. If not used immediately, put it in the refrigerator for storage.

– Before going to bed, wash your face cleanly, use aloe vera to spread on skin surface, about 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Finally, gently massage your face in minutes.

– You can also use aloe vera gel to apply to the scalp and hair, take the scarf back for about 10-15 minutes, then wash it with warm water and normal shampoo.

– When you want to get fluids from aloe vera, choose big leaves, rinse them, let them dry. After that, peel off the green skin, rub or grind it, then use thin gauze or coffee filter to remove the residue.

– In aloe vera, it irritates the skin, causing itching. If your skin is hypersensitive, concentrate on the aloe vera, then use it gradually or store it in the refrigerator.

– Do not apply regular Aloe Vera mask, preferably only apply 2-3 times / week.

– Elderly, pregnant women be careful when using aloe vera.