1 – Delivery and payment by cash at home: – Customers in the area of ​​the shop, agents of HTK less than 3km will be delivered by the sales staff to the customer’s address and receive payment when customers The goods were satisfied and agreed to buy the product. – Home delivery requests require accurate information about the recipient, address and phone number. Some sensitive cases such as large order value, evening delivery time, delivery address in the alley, far away from the center .. Sales staff will check and agree more, agree on the way Specific delivery methods.

2 – Payment of bank transfer – delivery via express delivery service: – With addresses not in the above scope, customers can prepay 100% of the product value through one of the accounts of HTK – Immediately after receiving the payment via bank transfer, the counselor will call to inform the customer directly and set a delivery date. Depending on the address of the customer, the delivery time may be from 12 to 72 hours. – In case of delayed delivery without prior notice, the customer may cancel the order and HTK will refund the entire amount. The customer paid within 07 days.