Honey lemon tea has long been a nutritious, healthy drink and has the ability to support the treatment of respiratory diseases very effectively, not only that it is also a daily cooling drink. Very good summer. However, how to prepare 1 cup of delicious lemon tea properly is not everyone knows. Let’s join cachlam9.com to make delicious and nutritious honey lemon tea below to get more experience for health care for yourself and your family.

How to prepare honey lemon tea

Prepare ingredients for making honey lemon tea

(Ingredients for making 1 cup of honey lemon tea)

Green tea leaves: 10g, you can also replace with lipton tea bag or artichoke tea but using green tea leaves is still the best health choice for this nutritious honey lemon tea blend. .

Forest honey: 2 spoons.

Lemon: 2 fruits.

Alum sugar: 1 spoon.

A little ice cubes.

Make honey lemon tea blend

– Green tea leaves:

+ Soak through dilute salt water for 15 minutes, rinse each tea leaf several times with cold water, drain and crumple tea leaves, and put into the bottle.

+ Cook old hot boiled water, put in a sufficient amount of boiling water to cover tea leaves, help clean green tea and reduce the pungent odor, then put in 200ml of water, cover the bottle for 20 minutes and then give Green tea leaves a large glass of glass, this time green tea will have a green green color which is very beautiful.

– Fresh lemons: Rinse, 1 fruit squeezes the juice, remove the seeds, 1 slice is thinly sliced.

– Add 1 spoon of alum sugar, 1 spoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to mix and dissolve it, you can reduce the amount of sugar, lemon juice depending on your taste and taste, then put it in a cup of tea Lemon honey with a few slices of lemon slices are beautiful and more delicious, do not forget to decorate on a glass of fresh lemon slices, you can enjoy a delicious cup of honey lemon tea, with a mixture of tea Very simple honey lemon.

– In case you want to have cold drink to cool down on summer day, just wait for honey lemon tea to cool down and add ice cubes or give this drink to the fridge for 2 hours. It will be very delicious and attractive.

Request and know how to make delicious honey lemon tea

– A cup of honey lemon tea looks very attractive, beautiful colors, eye-catching, pure sweet taste mixed with the natural sour aroma of lemon and the delicious taste of green tea has contributed to the charm of consciousness. This nutritious drink. Especially honey lemon tea will be much better when used cold.

– The secret of making delicious honey lemon tea: To have 1 cup of delicious, nutritious honey tea for health, you should use fresh green tea leaves for processing, do not use dry tea or tea bag, In addition, you need to choose fresh yellow lemons and use pure honey with sugar alum cool bar will help honey lemon tea tastes much better.

According to nutrition experts, if you drink regularly a cup of honey lemon tea every day, it helps improve health, enhance resistance, prevent respiratory diseases very effectively, Also this is a beautiful, anti-aging drink. While mixing honey lemon tea is simple, easy to do, wish you make this delicious nutritious drink properly for the whole family to enjoy everyday!