Not only is it used to cook and make medicine, but honey also has many effects in beauty at home: absolutely safe and inexpensive.
Honey has long been used by women with many effects in health, life and especially beauty. Beauty with honey is no stranger to every woman because honey when combined with other ingredients such as yogurt, lemon or essential oil is always a mixture to help women blow away bad effects from the environment , climate affects skin, physique.
Here are the beauty benefits of honey will definitely help you get the beauty tips to be safe and effective. In particular, you can apply it at home without expensive and time-consuming.

 1. Anti-aging
Honey combined with turmeric is a method against effective aging agents. In addition, this is a method that helps skin be strong and smooth. With a simple mask method, she can apply it at home without any money.
The beauty mask from honey combined with turmeric will help the skin become wrinkled, help skin regenerate to limit darkening and bright, smooth, healthy.
Simply put, you only need to mix one teaspoon of turmeric plus one teaspoon of pure honey into a mixture.
After that, they can use this mixture into a skin care mask. After washing the face with mineral water, the women rub the honey and turmeric powder onto the skin, then massage gently for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Performing regularly every day at night time, before going to bed she will no longer have wrinkled, sagging skin and repel aging agents from the environment as well as by age.
In addition, you can combine yogurt mask combined with honey as a skin mask every morning to wake up, you will own smooth white skin and tighten pores.

2. Long hair smooth and smooth

In addition to its effects on skin, honey has unexpected effects for hair. The women will have an effective hair care method to keep their hair long, smooth and strong from honey because honey contains magnesium nutrients, vitamin C, and potassium.

Every week, she just needs to keep her hair with a mixture of honey and olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1 for about 30 minutes, then wash it with warm water, she will get healthy and healthy hair.

For those who own hair, tangled, damaged and have applied a lot of measures without improving the situation, the above is a safe and effective method that you should apply immediately to get the roof. Beautiful hair every day.
3. Hair removal all areas of the body

The “viruses” seem to always cause headaches and take a long time to clear. There are many effective and safe hair removal methods to help women remove the obnoxious “violin”. However, not all hair removal methods make women happy. Especially, many methods do not eliminate the root, but also leave many side effects such as itching and burning.

Even the “violin” if not radicalizing when they grow back is more stubborn and more difficult to treat. Hair removal with honey is a way of helping women to dissolve concerns about obnoxious hairs on every part of the body. This method is also easy to apply at home without cost.

The method is very simple, you just need to mix the mixture of honey, sugar and lemon juice. Before waxing, you apply the mixture to the area of ​​skin to be removed. The essence of the mixture will help women to smooth hair gently and without pain as well as root hair removal. To get the best effect, you should warm honey, sugar and lemon solution. Honey will maximize the effect of hair removal and help skin smooth and bright.
4. Helps exfoliate the whole body

Women often use simple body scrubs at home such as exfoliation with rice bran or a mixture of fresh fruit … from today, women have a more effective method of exfoliation. And it is safe to exfoliate with honey.

Thanks to the ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid, malic acid … honey has a very good exfoliation effect. You should mix honey with brown sugar, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply to your body for 2 minutes. Dead cells are cleaned and skin is smooth and healthy.

In addition, this method of beauty with honey also helps her to help minimize pores. You can also apply this method to soft, thin and soft skin areas such as lips, puffiness …
5. Deep dark eyes circles

Many women have many innate causes, objective or genetic factors that cause dark circles. Dark eyes make her often self-deprecating and often have to makeup carefully before going to work or going to a party.

Now, with honey, they no longer have to worry about dark eye circles as well as the fabulous loss of makeup when they go out. Only with honey, will you remove the bruises every day and the area of ​​the eye circles will end