Because passion fruit seeds are a good source of edible fiber, there is no need to remove seeds when drinking. It helps laxative and cure constipation. Passion fruit does not cause any side effects.
The page Happy & Funny has received some questions from readers about the use of passion fruit. Read Nguyen Thi Sam (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City): “My whole family loves to drink passion fruit, drink two to three cups a day, about four, five fruits. Please ask how much lemon juice is affected because I heard that lemon juice is not good for women and can cause infertility? ”.

Read Lan Trang (pagefox24 @ …), asking: “Does drinking lemon juice often make your skin worse?”. Reader My Dung (Can Tho): “I am pregnant during the seventh week, drinking white water is boring and nauseous, so I buy lemon juice to make a drink. Please ask if the passion fruit affects the baby? ”… We introduce the article of DS Le Kim Phung, a lecturer of the Department of Traditional Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine to answer the questions. this.

Passion fruit (Passifloraceae), the English name is “passion fruit” (meaning: passionate fruit), called lemon but not relative to citrus trees (Rutaceae). Passion fruit grows much in the tropics, favored not only by its charming aroma but also for its health benefits.

 Benefits from passion fruit

It has been shown that lemon juice is full of vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and other nutritional ingredients as well as bio-active substances that are beneficial to health. Passion fruit seeds are a great source of fiber, the very meager substance that surrounds seeds makes a special aroma of lemon.

Lemon juice helps prevent cancer cell growth thanks to the phytochemical compounds found in rice. Phenolic acids and flavonoids work to prevent cardiovascular disease and fight infections. Water-soluble substances as well as soluble in oil have anti-oxidant effects, enhance immunity, anti-aging. Passion fruit contains a variety of simple sugars, which enhances physical strength but is not harmful to diabetics. Passion fruit is a good source of vitamins and fiber, which helps increase health without obesity. Passion fruit contains plant sterols, so it does not raise blood cholesterol. Passion fruit also has sedative, analgesic, nervous stress relief, headache, high blood pressure, and pre-menopausal women in pre-menopause. For people who have trouble sleeping, drinking lemon juice before going to bed will help ease relaxation to find a smooth sleep. Passion fruit is included in the list of very good sedative antipyretic drugs and has been prepared into pill form.

Because passion fruit seeds are a good source of edible fiber, there is no need to remove seeds when drinking. It helps laxative and cure constipation. 1-2 fruits a day, mix into 1-2 cups as well. When taking moderate doses, passion fruit does not cause any side effects.

But drinking too harmful

Although passion fruit has many benefits, regular and higher doses will lead to side effects such as fatigue, nausea, dullness and vomiting. Sometimes it makes dizziness and arrhythmia. Passion fruit can also interact with sedatives and antihistamines or some herbs, and increase the level of drowsiness. It also increases the risk of bleeding because of interaction with anticoagulants. Passion fruit is also susceptible to skin allergies such as urticaria, difficulty breathing, asthma and vascular edema. Do not use lemon juice for stomach ulcers because of organic acids, and there is a risk of kidney stones.

See your doctor immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. Also do not take too high doses for women who are pregnant or nursing.